水原希子 for Nylon, February 2013



hello there everyone!! ♡ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ i’ve recently hit 10k followers and i’m sitting here like why omg i don’t deserve all of you. so i decided to make my second follow forever and also include my art blog. i’m happy / surprised that so many of you enjoy what i post. through all the blog styles changes and you still here ;;;; each and every single one of you have been so amazing to me and knowing that my posts and edits make you guys happy is the best feeling in the world. i have to thank all of you above all for keeping up with me and for being the kindest people on earth.

to my dearest followers, my wonderful mutuals, my beautiful friends, you all are surely the reason for my experience on tumblr being so amazing. ♡ //group hug with all my super ultra mega cute followers//

okay so, after my message, here is my 2nd(mutuals) follow forever. 

ps. if you’re not on here doesn’t mean i love your blog any less, here’s my blogroll for anyone i missed!! 

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Q: 12 & 13!

12) do you prefer making gifs or edits? why?

edits and graphics, no doubt! i know how to make gifs and i’ve made some gif(set) in the past, but it’s too much works tbh! and my pc is going to explore sooner or later and i don’t want to download a lot of things. so yeah, that’s why! ^ ^

13) what have you learnt since the beginning of your graphic making?

well… basically everything i can do! the first time i’ve download ps i couldnt do anything, so i readed a lot of tutorial (how to cut a photo and the basics) and then i try to do something by myself and idk! i never studies how to do things with photoshop before download photoshop and started to make graphics, so everything i can do now is everything i learned while doing graphics!
no, really, i don’t know how to reply to this one! LOL

thank you so much for asking, annabel :3

Q: 4&16 :-) hi simo!

hi cindy <33333 
thank you so much for asking :*

4) who/what inspired you to make graphics?

mmmh basically everything? sometimes a song, sometimes a quote. or a photo, a texture, an amazing art. everything that make me feel something! days ago i saw a theme and i decided to make a graphic inspired by it! :D
but if i have to say why i started to make graphics, i must say that i was inspired by other graphic makers, of course! i loved their works and i wanted to try doing something too, and then everything happened :>

16) which fandom do you like making graphics for the most?

probably exo since i’ve made a lot of graphic with them! they have such great photoshoots - like, the predebut one… it’s still one of my fave photoshoot in the whole kpop fandom! - and they have park chanyeol LOL he inspired me a lot, so probably it’s because of him too that i make a lot of exo graphics! XDD
but i have periods! right now i’d like to graphic more about winner and some anime i currently watch, since i’m obsessed with them! 
basically it changes everytime i like something new :DD

☆ Ask the graphic maker ☆

1. A font you don’t like to use
2. A colour you don’t like to use
3. 3 reasons why you make graphics
4. Who/what inspired you to make graphics?
5. Link your first ever graphic (or earliest you can remember)
6. A graphic you’re proud of
7. A graphic you didn’t like but posted anyway
8. List 5 graphic makers you enjoy seeing graphics from
9. Which post has the highest amount of notes you’ve ever received?
10. 3 things you don’t like about graphic making
11. Do you save all your PSDs and keep them in folders? If yes, screenshot your folder(s). If no, explain why not.
12. Do you prefer making gifs or edits? Why?
13. What have you learnt since the beginning of your graphic making?
14. When did you start making graphics?
15. Name 2 pros and 2 cons of the program you use to make your graphics
16. Which fandom do you like making graphics for the most?
17. Name something you would like to improve on/learn
18. How long do your graphics usually take?
19. Favourite resource blog
20. Advice you would give to beginner graphic makers

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